• Didi and Dora are all about finding special pieces to make your home uniquely yours. We offer vintage furniture and objects that are sourced and recycled from within and outside Australia.

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  • In 2020, Didi and Dora was cofounded by Cara and Sophie. Inspiration was drawn from their grandmothers ‘Didi’ and ‘Dora’ who were revered for their unique style and funky aesthetic. Both Didi and Dora believed that as much attention should be given to dressing the home as to oneself – a philosophy that lies at the core of Didi and Dora’s identity. 


    Cara, who is now working independently on the furniture brand, believes that no object or piece of furniture was as meaningful to her family as the dining table in her grandmother’s house. Laying out the tablecloth, pouring the wine, arranging ceramic plates with matching glassware, chairs and bodies close together – the dining table was the centralised location that facilitated these cherished rituals and meaningful acts of hospitality. 

    Cara is now fortunate to have some of her Bubbe’s (a Yiddish word for grandmother) beautiful objects in her own home and is reminded of the power of a simple item of furniture. 

    Most of the items we sell are vintage pieces, however we also sell handmade objects by local makers, including candles, ceramics, art and our own collaborative designs on handmade wool rugs and amazing caps made exclusive to Didi and Dora.

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