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Candle Kiosk

Candle Kiosk Spiral Taper Candles

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Spiral tapers come in a gift box as a set of 3. Made from natural coconut wax, these elegant dinner candles fit most candle holders, thanks to the ribs at the base of the candle.

This fragrance free dinner candle is handmade from plant-based wax and finished with a 100% cotton wick for a long-lasting, clean burn. Always place candles on a non-flammable, stable surface.


• Quantity: set of 3
• Fragrance free
• Burn time: 10 hrs
• Dimensions: 30 cm height
• Base diameter: 2.1 cm
• Wax type: coconut wax
• 100% cotton wick
• Smoke & drip free: our candles are designed to burn evenly all the way down. Taper             candles can drip when re-lit or exposed to a draft.