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Didi and Dora

Parri Kubik Stool designed by Marco Maran - Casprini

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45cm H x 30cm W x 30cm D

Slight markings all over. Particularly on the bottom edge of the stools. Could come off with heavy duty cleaning products.

Dynamic and visually stimulating.

Stool is a striking contemporary low design.
Fun, bright, colorful: Kubik.
A very strong visual impact and emotional stool and seat angles are highlighted by a 45 ° rotation during the manufacturing process.
This gives a very special effect aluminium which allows different uses.
Kubik is not just a seat. It is very dynamic and visually stimulating – it can be a practical stool today for tomorrow, become a small table.
And when the range, you can have fun in the stack for columns and shapes that expand the room and create a sculptural and interesting.